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Agritourism Advising


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Agritourism operations are becoming an important part of agriculture, increasing revenue on traditional farms and bridging the gap between rural and urban families. This creates an opportunitity to educate visitors on history and modern practices of farming. It diversifies farm revenue and so much more!

What is Agritourism?

Agritourism within Kittitas County is defined as a working farm or ranch growing a USDA recognized crop or raising livestock/animals for commercial sale or growing a USDA crop or raising livestock/animals for the commercial sale of the byproduct (i.e. honey, fiber, hands-on animal experiences, etc.). The farm or ranch actively markets their operation to the general public and while visiting the farm or ranch, guests enjoy a historical, cultural, educational or recreational experience including, but not limited to; on-site hospitality services, guided and self-guided tours, petting zoos, farm festivals, corn mazes, harvest-your-own operations, hayrides, barn parties, horseback riding and fishing.


Be Found. Register Your Farm With The Following Groups:

Do you want to be a part of state and local agriculture organizations? Below are a few foundations that support local farmers and ranchers in Washington State. Eat Local First, American Farm Bureau Foundation, and Washington Meat Up. Click the links below to take you to their websites.


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Washington Meat Up

American Farm Bureau Foundation

Why is it important?

In 2017, American farms and ranches generated nearly $950 million in agritourism revenue according to the USDA Census. Trends such as "Farm to Table," favor small batch production, food, tourism, and seeking "unplugged," family time are continuing to grow the agritourism industry. Many people seeking agritourism come from nearby urban areas and are known as, "day-trippers." Most are families, seniors, and children's groups. Examples of agritourism are: bed and breakfast, historical exhibits, farm to table dinners, local farm tours, field trips to farm, u-pick farms, farmsteads, horseback riding, festivals, workshops, farm stays, and bird-watching.

Education and Learning Opportunities

There are many resources in Washington State and nationally that support farmers and ranchers. At the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce our job is to support our local businesses and tourism initiatives to create a high quality life for all to enjoy. The links below will take you to the websites for education and learning opportunities within the agriculture industry.


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Washington State Department of Agriculture

October 2023 Snapshot

Funding Opportunities

Here are some funding opportunities for you and your farm. Click the button below that will take you to their websites


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Need Support? Visit With Local Agriculture Consultant, Hilary Jensen

Hilary Jensen

Owner of Jensen Farms

Ellensburg, Washington

I like to say that I went from "corporate to coveralls", making the jump into farming in 2012. As a first-generation farmer, I started a u-pick pumpkin patch in my front yard, serving concessions off my porch. Now known as Jensen Farms, we are a multi-season farm, with a pumpkin patch at its heart. In the off-season, I champion agritourism at the state and local levels. Having successfully brought agritourism liability legislation to Olympia, through Senate Bill 5808, I've now partnered with the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce to improve the agritourism landscape throughout Kittitas County.

Connect with Hilary in Kittitas County today! Fill out this intake form to get started.