Member Spotlight

Bam! Delivered

Sometimes, getting your shopping done can be a challenge. Life gets busy, or you’re having trouble getting around. Bam! Delivered can help relieve some of the struggle. They provide Restaurant Delivery, Shopping & Delivery, Cabin Ready, and Courier services.

Owners Thomas and Lindsey Bean have been raising their family in Ellensburg since 2010, enjoying the beauty and lifestyle of the community. Their goal is to provide services that support families and businesses throughout Kittitas County. They noticed that there was a lack of Restaurant Delivery, Courier Services, and Shopping Services in Kittitas County. Needing to drive to Yakima for specific errands, they wished there was a place they could call to make the trip for them. When managing a company, or raising a family, there are many better ways to spend your time than running errands. That's when they realized there has to be many other families and businesses wanting these same options and conveniences. These thoughts and ideas were the building blocks and framework for Bam! Delivered.

Sick of driving to Yakima? Bam! Delivered provides same-day delivery from any store in Yakima or Kittitas Counties, including Costco. Restaurant Delivery and Courier Services are also available for same-day delivery. Cabin Ready Service will help you make the most of your vacation. Skip the shopping trip and spend more time having fun. Have your refrigerator stocked, lights and heating/air conditioning turned on, and even have your fishing bait ready to go. Make your trip effortless with their help! Access to these services is as easy as calling or texting your list. Bam! Delivered was formed in 2016, and officially began operations April 2017. As business grows, new opportunities are arriving every day, and Thomas and Lindsey are excited for what the future holds with Bam! Delivered.

(509) 769-8462